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FMA Writers

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An FMA Fanfic Community
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Welcome to fma_writers! This community is here as a base for all FMA-themed fanfiction writers to bounce ideas off of each other, give construtive criticism, and generally work on our fics. Feel free to post challenges, random questions, musings, or anything fiction-related to poke people's creativity. Even if you debate on the colour of the characters' eyes, as long as it relates to something you're writing in the fandom and you're being reasonable, I don't care. ^_^ If you've just joined, feel free to fill out the little questionnaire so we can get to know you better.

Since this community is based on discussion, I expect people to peek their heads out once in a while and comment on people's posts. You can mostly rely on equivalent exchange here: if you post your fic(s) here, comment on those that others post. I'm not going to enforce this, but it's a good way to keep the community active and useful to the writers.

There will, of course, be a few rules. I have a tendency to be longwinded, but it all boils down to this common sense. If you mess up badly enough for me to care though, you are subject to my own completely arbitrary punishment.

Basic Guidelines:
1) Friendliness: I'd like this community to be friendly to everyone. Yes, everyone. If someone posts something you don't like, go ahead and tell them, but tell them why. And do it in coherant and useful words. We are, after all, writers, and we should know how to express ourselves properly.
2) Spoilers: If a fic you're posting contains spoilers for anything past the episodes that have aired on Adult Swim, please put a warning. If you're feeling generous, post spoiler warnings for anything.
3) Participation: If possible, try to obey the law of Equivalent Trade. I'd like to have a participation rule, but I know at heart that's unreasonable. If you post fics here for advice though, please contribute to the comments on other fics as well. It all works out much happier that way. ^_^
4) Ratings: If you post a fic that has a rating higher than R (M), I'd prefer that you post it to your own journal, and only link it here (mostly for my own peace of mind as far as TOS goes). This doesn't mean you're not allowed to post NC-17 (MA) fics, but for goodness sake put a nice large warning on them and cut them. I'm not sure what the thing is with using movie ratings now, but if you're familiar with it you might want to consider switching to the Fictionratings.com system, as silly as Ks and Bs seem.
4.5) Pairings: Yaoi, Yuri, Het, total kinky crack, whatever, is allowed as long as it's labelled. The basic rule is just label everything. That way no one is accidentally offended.
4.5b) If you click on something and find yourself offended and it was properly labelled, your complaints will fall on deaf ears (actually, I'll listen if you e-mail me, but don't abuse me, okies?) If it wasn't properly labelled, and I don't notice, bring it up with me or the author, or both.
5) Commenting: Be nice, be concise, be useful. If you don't have anything nice to say, say constructive things against the fic itself, not the author. "You are stupid for writing a Mary Sue" is not a constructive comment. "You are stupid for writing a Mary Sue and this is why," though more useful, is also not the sort of comment I'd like to see.
6) Grain of Salt Clause: Take things in stride. If someone leaves a negative comment, it doesn't mean we hate you, we want you to get better. Nobody's perfect. And you can nitpick what we've written, too.
7) Teasers: Short teasers are fine and even encouraged if you feel that your story doesn't come across in the summary, but be reasonable. Anything longer than about 200 words should be behind an lj-cut.
8) Advertising: You're welcome to advertise your finished and betaed fics here as long as you don't mind a little extra concrit (it never hurts). Advertising for sites and other communities is okay, but it'd be great if you ran it by me first.

I think that's long enough on the rules, for now. Just use common sense, and have fun. And, to make your life easier, here's a template for posting your fics. All the headings should be self-explanatory, except maybe the concrit one, which is where you tell us what sort of stuff you want people to look for when we're reading it, or note if you just want opinions rather than straight concrit.

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